This list gives a brief description of some of the content warnings given on the show. 

Alcohol: Alcohol is mentioned or drunken by characters in the episode 


Anal: Sex involving anal penetration 

Big Cock: A character or characters have a big cock (sometimes unrealistically big)


Blowjob: Oral stimulation to a penis


Brat: A submissive that likes to push their dom’s buttons on purpose, hoping that they'll punish them. 


Character Death: A character or characters die in the episode. 


Cunnilingus: Oral Stimulation to the vagina. 


Deep throating: Performing fellatio or having it performed by relaxing the back of the throat, eliminating the gag reflex, to allow deeper penetration of the penis.


Drug Use: Drugs are mentioned/used by characters in the episode


F: Female


Femdom: Female Domination 


Feral Play: People or a person acts like a wild animal during sex. 


Fingering: To insert fingers in a vagina or anus for sexual stimulation


Fisting: Using a fist to sexually stimulate a vagina or anus.


Graphic Violence: Graphic violence is portrayed somewhere in the episode.


Handjob: Hands used to stimulate the penis


Knotting: The penis swells inside the vagina or ass, preventing leakage of sperm but also making the penis unable to pull out.


Light D/S: Portrayal of dominance and submission, but nothing too intense.


M: Male 


Mating Cycle/Breeding: A person/monster has the urge to mate or breed for the purpose of offspring.


NB: Non-Binary 


Orgasm denial: The act of not letting a person have an orgasm for a long period.


Pregnant sex: Sex involving a pregnant person.


Prostate massage: When a sex partner gently massages the prostate.


Rough Sex: Very vigorous sex. 


Sex magic: Sex involving magic spells or potions. 


Sex work:  Stripping, Prostitution, Pinup, etc 


Size Queen: Person who prefers a sexual partner with a large penis. 


Stomach Bulge: When a person penis or cum causes their sexual partner’s stomach to expand.


Tentacles: Sex involving tentacles 


TF: Trans Female 


Threesome: Sex that involves three people.


TM: Trans Male


Two Dick: Person/Monster with two dicks. 


Vaginal: Sex involving vagina penetration

(Last updated August 16, 2020)