Win Bask's Voice

Updated: May 10, 2020

Win a 2 to 3-minute personal audio from Bask. Audio can be either SFW or NSFW.


Must be 18 or older

To participate on Twitter: Make a post saying what you like about the show and use the #fhpod. *Protected Twitter accounts are okay. Just send a screenshot in the email listed below

To participate with Apple podcast: Leave a review on the show’s Apple Podcast page*. (Screenshot it and email it to

*Remember that the show is called Screw Humans on Apple Podcast

To participate with Stitcher: Leave a review on the show’s Stitcher’s Page. (Screenshot it and email it to

To participate with Podchaser: Leave a review on the show’s Podchaser’s Page. (Screenshot it and email it to

A post/review on each site counts as separate entries. So a person has 4 chances to win if they use all platforms. However, only 1 post on each platform counts. Multiple posts from the same user on any site will be ignored.

There is no word limit. You can write a paragraph, sentence, or just a few words. You can even leave the same comment on all sites.

Winner will be selected at random.

If you win:

The creator will ask for your email so she can deliver the audio to you.

You will be asked to fill out a form verifying that you are of age.

If you need a transcript, it will be provided.

If you request for NSFW audio, be aware that the creator will ask a few sex-related questions to make sure that the audio is suited to your interests. [NSFW content that we WILL NOT DO: Racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, rape, underage/pedophilia, scat/wet sport, and gore. We also have the right to deny any other nsfw content not mention here]

Also, be aware that your winning of the giveaway does not entitle you to harass and/or act inappropriately with either the creator or voice actor.


How to leave a review on Apple Podcast

How to leave a review on Stitcher

How to leave a review on Podchaser(Must have an account)

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